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Hosted Listing Change


starting price / month
  • 1 Free listing change per month.
  • 48 Hr Changing Time
  • Free changing in listing
  • Discounts for server hosted with ous.
  • Auto renew feature
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Server + Hosted Tab


starting price / month
  • 100 Slot SAMP Server
  • Fancy Ports Like 8888
  • 24 Hr Activation Time
  • Free Website Hosting Basic.(Run you own website)
  • Servers in US, Germany, Asia
  • 24/7 Technical Support

General Hosted Listing


starting price / month (Offer till 15 July)
  • For Servers hosted by any host
  • 74 Hr Activation Time
  • Free changing in listing
  • General hosted tab - For External Servers.
  • Auto renew feature
  • 24/7 Technical Support

SA-MP Hosted Tab

Welcome to Extreme Host, third party provider of game server listings. These listings appear on separate server list in SA:MP client, increasing exposure of the server to potential players. We have already successfully served more than 50 customers and we look forward to providing you a quality service as well.

Hosted Tab Activation Time

All Hosted Tab order are manually activated, we start processing your IP to be added in hosted tab as soon as we recieve the order.This processing may take up 72 Hours for your IP to be added to the hosted tab list. We try our best to process you order as soon as possible generally within 24-48 Hours.

Hence it is recomemded you carter for this activation time while renewal and new order. Your 31 days of serverice always start once tab is activated you are not charged for when it isnt active or is under processing.

Quick Note

Quick Note.

  • We are 3rd party providers of hosted tabs
  • Listings are active for 31 days
  • Any downtime in the listing will not be compensated .
  • Contact game-mp the exclusive site to claim in such situations
  • Stocks of hosted tab are limited
  • 24/7 Technical Support
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