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[FileScript] Actor Studio
What is it?

This is a Filterscript I've been working on, I figured I'd release this version of it until I get more done.
You're able to create and delete actors In-game, making them both responsive or unresponsive.
What does that mean?
Responsive means, if you shoot it, you will be able to kill it.
Unresponsive are unable to die, but still apply animation when aimed at.
When you aim at a actor, their hands go up, then down when you aim away or at anther target.
This filterscript will be useful if you need a mass amount of actors by using it's duplication feature.
Note: Only 50 Actors can be created in one area. Total amount is 1000 but they can not all be in the same area.

/ahelp - Tells you commands in-game.
/actors - Lists total number of actors created.
/astudio - Starts the Actor Studio

Version 2.0
* Saving system(YINI and MySQL Versions)
* Ability to edit existing actors.
* Enable / Disable 3D Text.
* Apply more animations rather than the default one.

Stay tuned for v2.0 !

[Image: kFA9Hi0.png]
Download - Full Package
[Image: FS0na7h.png]

nc work i like it
Really good!
We might be the master of our own thoughts, still we are the slaves of our own emotions.

[Image: th_1.jpg]
I am testing filescript
dude its bugged
Thanks for sharing

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