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[FileScript] DealerShip

I found this interesting filescript vil show and I said to you tooSmile)))

I noticed that many members of other communities and all looking the net or ask how to create their own dealership with Dialog type store and not find. Well seeing this I decided to make one more special dealership namely: Store Dialog or TextDraw customer choice. This system is unique (made by me personally). I thought to post it here because it is a highly developed and well-known community. I hope you enjoy and keep loans.
The system is made to puoata a player holds 3 cars.
/ Savetuning - Save your car tuning
/ Removetuning - you remove your car tuning
/ V park - you parchiezi your car
/ V lock (1-3) - close your car
/ V sell - you sell your car to State
/ V sellto - you sell your car to a player
/ V color - set your car color
/ V setplate - you srtezi license plate
/ V locate (1-3) you locate your car
/ V tow (1-3) respawn your car
/ Mycarhelp - View information about the your cars
Logundu yourself with RCON have access to the following commands:
/ Vslots - Find out how many cars are available in DS EX: / vslots 411> how many cars are with id 411
/ Setvslots - set how many cars to be for a particular model in the DS
/ Gotods - You teleport to DS


Locatia DS-ului: http://imgur.com/XL6dihy
Intrare DS: http: //imgur.com/G1lHwbX
Locul unde poti da /v sell: http://imgur.com/c3dH0rp
Dupa ce dai /buycar iti apare urmatorul dialog: http://imgur.com/IilClpy
Interior DS sub forma de Dialog: http://imgur.com/0TgU2xB
Interior DS sub fotma de TextDraw: http://imgur.com/3pXCB0R
Comanda /mycarhelp: http://imgur.com/cHIGlqE
Link Download: http://www.girlshare.ro/34895862.1
Good Job (if "you" made it)
This is a great job bro...
Great job..
great job
Thumbs Up 
Nice   Smile
Nice one
Great, i like it Smile
nice one
nice filterscript Big Grin

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