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[FileScript] SX EVENT
[Image: 5a104af427c37f8c7052b303920a6835bfe84cfd...zcx5si.png]

Wassup people! I'm here with my first release on sa:mp forums. I know, It's not that GREAT. But still I thought to share it with you lovely people. It's an event system, it gives you a variety of events like Death Match, Team Death Match, Derby, Fallout(My Fav) and Capture the Point (CTP).

-Includes 5 different types of Events.
-You can create event maps (refer to event location) in-game for DM,TDM and Derby.
-You can start DM,TDM,Derby Events with any created map.


/ecp - It contain all administrative commands/functions to start event, create event map.
/event - As the command says, To join an event.
/exitevent - Again as the command, To exit an event.

Note: All the maps created will be saved in MySQL DB. You'll find a event.sql file in the source folder, kindly import it in your database or else DM,TDM and Derby events won't work nor you'll be able to create event maps.


ECP Screen-
[Image: WpGkkH4.png]

Event Screens

TeamDeath Match

[Image: Yu9atbo.png]

[Image: mwNtejN.jpg]


[Image: hopNSBD.png]


(That countdown will appear before every event starts)

[Image: z99sY6c.jpg]

Fallout [Image: biggrin.png]

[Image: xatiFh5.png]

©apture (T)he (P)oint

[Image: QZ970li.png]

[Image: 6o07AuR.png]

SystemX -> Scripting

and also to the creators of following includes/plugins

Click Meh!
Really cool! does it works for RP? if Yes i am gonna use it 100%
Really cool! nc work
Nicely done! Cool!
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