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Here it is folks; the official DayZ SA:MP version. I'm releasing this for many reasons, but the main ones are because due to the lack of development, and i feel that it should be released it would help the SA:MP community in alot of ways. This was the latest version of DayZ that was recently being developed in Pro Gaming Arena version 9.0 it's updated. Also to be honest, I have lost interest in SA:MP, and in scripting there's no need to keep this script closed source anymore [Image: smile.png]

About the gamemode:

An open world territory owned by corrupt law enforcement and highly lethal gangs was unexpectedly hit by a new and presently unknown infection which has wiped out most of the city's population. You are one of the few who have survived and now you must search The remains of the city in order to fight for your life against the still remaining lethal gang members and the new unprecedentedly army of walking dead. Fight alone, team up with friends or take on the city's walking undead as you choose your path in this brutal and chilling remains using whatever you may stumble upon to survive.

Core Features:
  • Survival Essentials

  • Basic Weapon System

  • Pretty good anticheat

  • Admin & Trusted & VIP System

  • Loot System (Including backpack, dropping etc...)

  • Apocalypse Map (transported from my The Walking Dead SA:MP project)

  • Vehicle System

  • Group System

  • Zombies (ACTUAL ZOMBIES)
There are more features that could be found by exploring the script, yet those above are just the core features.

Loot/General Idea:

The loot variates from food, medic, ammunition, weapons and other usefull things that you will need in your journey. Loot can be gathered all around the map and different areas means different loot. Lets say military bases and police departments mostly have weapons and ammo, places around hospitals have medical supplies, and food and water can be found everywhere.

-Pizza slice

-Soda bottle
-Whiskey bottle
-Watter bottle

-Assault ammo
-Pistol ammo
-Sniper ammo
-SMG ammo
-Shotgun ammo

-Silenced pistol
-Combat shotgun/ SPAZ-12
-Baseball bat
-Country rifle
-Sniper rifle

Medical supplies
-Med kit
-Blood bag

-Empty water bottle
-Empty petrol can
-Full petrol can
-Map kit

There are also backpacks which you need to have to store more loot inside of them.
The current amount of backpacks if 4 going from the smallest to the largest one.
Coyote Patrol Pack- 8 slots
Czech vest pouch- 16 slots
Alice pack- 28 slots
Coyote backpack- 36 slots

There are a lot of different vehicles on DayZ. Going from Sanchez over quads to barracks, helicopters and planes.
When a player finds a vehicle he needs to make sure the vehicle has tires, fuel, and one engine before he can use that vehicle.
A Sanchez needs to have 2 tires, fuel and 1 engine
A quad needs to have 4 tires, fuel and 1 engine
Bobcat needs to have 4 tires, fuel and 1 engine
Yosemite needs to have 4 tires, fuel and 1 engine
Barracks need to have 6 tires, fuel and 1 engine
Helicopters need to have fuel and 1 engine
Plane needs to have fuel and 1 engine.
Every vehicle has its own storage that you can use as a tent.
Cars also have limited health which you can regenerate, "fix" the car using a toolbox.
To place tires, fuel and engine inside the car follow these steps:
1. When you are near a car press left ALT.
2. A menu will pop out showing the cars storage unit.
3. Press on a empty place and press "Add".
4. Another menu will appear showing your inventory
5. Use any part of required for the car (tire, fuel, engine)
6. After that all the menus will close and if you reopen the vehicles storage unit you will see that there is nothing inside of it even you have put a vehicle part in it.
Instead the part will be shown on the HUD when you enter the vehicle.
To make sure that the car is working enter it and if it has all the needed parts it will show this:
Engine: 1/1
Tires: 4/4
Fuel: [random amount]/ 100
Do these steps all over again until you have put in the car all you need for it to work.

In DayZ there are 3 basic playable characters, the normal survivors, bandits and heroes.
You become a survivor as soon as you first time log in in the game, and every time you respawn. This character has a regular skin like any other.
A Bandit is a character who kills other players to gain as much loot as it is possible. Bandits are not thrust Worthy and will probably shoot on sight.
A Hero is a characters who helps other players, eliminates bandits, and they in most cases wont shoot until they are shot at.

Just Search SA:MP DayZ on yotuube or



  1. The Gamemode started it's development back in 2012; so YES it's messy but it could be cleaned up pretty quick, i just don't have time for it.

  2. The Gamemode IS NOT entirley scripted by me it requires support from sscanf, streamer, mysql, includes by others!!!!

  3. The Zombie system is a edited version of a include released on SA:MP forums.

  4. Version 8.4 to 9.0 was dual scripted by Me & Wizzy.


There will be updates either by me or the community in the future they can/will be added to the official DayZ SA:MP support forum.

DayZ Support Forum: http://dayzsa.net/forum/index.php
Downloads/Updates: http://dayzsa.net/download.php
DayZ 4.0 Modpack: http://dayzsa.net/download/modpack4.0.exe

Update Log:

DayZ 9.1 has been released.

It includes:

- Full Server Package

- FCNPC 1.0.0+ updated

- Essential Plugin updates

- Required Files included

Download via: http://dayzsa.net/download.php
Nice Big Grin
This Is a good GameMode

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