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..::GTADM::.. Freeroam/DM/Minigames/Gangs

  • [size=large]Freeroam & job system

  • Jobs: Cop, Whore, Terrorist, Civilian, Drug dealer, Mechanic and Trucker. Every job has its own role e.g as a Cop you can arrest wanted players. As a whore you can offer blowjob to any players near you. As a Terrorist you can attach bombs to players or even to yourself! Civilian hasnt specific roles, its like being neutral. As a Drug dealer you can sell drugs. As a Mechanic you can repair any vehicles near you. As a trucker you can play in many different trucking missions. And many more things you can do while having a job in any of these classes.

  • More than 20 stunt maps - deathmatch is not allowed there. You can also use speedboost, car hop, and tuned vehicles in stunt zones!

  • 16 Deathmatches

  • 3 Team Deathmatches

  • Achievement system (total 87 medals!)

  • Unique skills system with EXP (like in runescape)

  • Gangwars, captureable turfs (total 302 over all San Andreas), gang bases, top 10 gangs, ability to create your own gang!

  • Cellphone system like in GTA IV - you can SMS, call other players, change background picture of your phone add contacts, and much more!

  • House & Property system - buy your own car at any car dealer shop (9 car dealers) and spawn your car at any time using /car!

  • Event system - Earn Premium Points to buy better mapped houses (which includes opening gates, private vehicles and more!), you can also trade the Premium Points at our Market for other great features such as Neon system and so on

  • VIP System - You can get satisfied Donators!

  • All of the things that are ingame were done from scratch and are unique

  • All of our administrators are helpful and mature, not some childs who are immature, abusing powers and not respecting anyone

  • And alot more of addictive features...
    DOWNLOAD = http://www.2shared.com/file/cceebPIp/GTADM_V12.html
PS = script need to to Re-compile with the latest Plugins and includes
+1 Good Job Keep It Up.But There Is Not Clan System?
there is groups/gangs system you can check it out
Nice Gamemode
Good Job Wink
Good job mate your script is good not bad
Nice bro
Nie Script
I am probleme with console
(01-17-2016, 09:14 PM)Firas95 Wrote: Link not working give new pls fast

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