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It's about to get harder for some to buy tobacco in N
Don't expect police to stop teens from lighting up in the street and demand to see identification.

Convenience store owners and other retailers bear the responsibility of following the law.

State inspectors already perform periodic spot checks to make sure tobacco sellers are "carding" people who looked younger than 19. That practice will continue.

Surgeon General warning: More kids use e-cigarettes than tobacco

Sellers who break the law face a $250 fine. The penalty double if there is a second violation, and climbs to $1,000 for the third and subsequent violations. Repeat offenders risk losing their license to sell tobacco products Newport Cigarettes, according to the law.

Sen. Richard Codey D-Essex, sponsored the bill four years ago Buy Cigarettes Online, but quickly ran into opposition from food retailers and other convenience store operators who complained the loss of ancillary sales like coffee and sandwiches Wholesale Cigarettes, as well as the growing demand for e-cigarettes Newport Cigarettes Carton Price, would have cut deep into their bottom lines.

The state's own budget would also take a hit by limiting the market for tobacco Marlboro Cigarettes.

The nonpartisan Office of Legislative Services estimated the state would lose as much as $16 Tobacco Shop.2 million in sales tax by restricting sales to people 21 and over.
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