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Movement Joint
Control Stainless Steel Movement Joint is used in the bricklaying industry.It defines a narrow gap intentionally created by the tile unit, which allows the unit itself to undergo a slight movement after completion without causing any damage.
Control Stainless Steel Movement Joint can be used for all adhesives, fixed hard floor (tile, tile, marble, stone) applications, and installed with appropriate ceramic tile adhesives Application: Vertical and horizontal applications, flooring and cladding; Internal and external surfaces; Retail, factory, school and commercial applications, large areas of ceramic tile, stone, marble or wood are common installations.
Although the "Control Stainless Steel Movement Joints" are simply empty Spaces where building elements can expand and contract, in reality these gaps are occupied by special strips made of any number of different materials.The strip is then filled with a flexible sealant, silicone or foam, or a combination thereof, or other appropriate material, especially for large deep construction joints.For wall tiles and floor tiles, joints are usually filled with elastic rubber. These expansion joints prevent dust and gravel from filling the space while providing a more aesthetically pleasing space.
Movement Joint

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