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New World's Winter Convergence Event
Amazon Studios has extended New World’s Winter Fusion campaign by two weeks "because of the great involvement of gamers."

In a quick update on the official MMO forums, community manager Luxendra stated that the seasonal event will now run until January 25, 2022 - two weeks longer than the original end date on January 11 - giving players an extra chance to complete the available quests and activities in the first event since the game was launched.

"Because of the excellent participation in this promotion, we have decided to extend it until January 25th!" You write. "Please note that unopened gifts and unused event tokens will disappear at the end of the event. So make sure you don't lose any potential gifts.

In addition, all Winter Convergence sweepstakes will be available from 8:01 am on January 21st, 2022 to 7:59 am [UK time] on January 25th, 2022. Make sure you complete all of the points you earn in the meantime overlooked, catch up. You may never see her again! See you at Aeternum!

Amazon Studios recently announced plans to improve the endgame of its MMO game The New World.

In a detailed blog post on the official website, the team explains how the "Expedition Mutants" will improve the challenge and fun for those who have already experienced much of what the MMO has to offer.

"Mutants are transforming the familiar by adding 'common' and 'named' enemies found on expeditions, changing the way encounters are played and the strategies players should consider prior to combat "said the team. "said the team.

"The system is designed to run through unique combinations of expeditions and mutations each week, with each expedition mutation having 10 levels of difficulty. Players must climb the ladder to eventually reach the highest level of difficulty.

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