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Terms And Contditions
('FreeSAMP') is owned and operated by Extreme Host Digital Networks,

All complaints and Other contact must be directed to Extreme Host Digital Networks unless specifically stated, FreeSAMP when mentioned refers to the trade name and company operator of Extreme Host Digital Networks, this may also be referred to as a 'Trading As' name within the EU or a DBA Within the US, Extreme Host Digital Networks complies with and works accordingly to the The Business Names act of 1985 within Europe.
I. General

FreeSAMP is a company delivering Premium SA:MP Servers, Web hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Multi Theft Auto. All servers are prepaid. If you do not follow the terms and rules of this license agreement, your Service may be ended either before the expiring date of your services or before your credits are spent. FreeSAMP reserves the right to add or alter any regulations, in this license agreement, As they seem fit without prior notice.
II. Ordering Services

When ordering a service of FreeSAMP, the client engages himself to provide the correct And up to date information (Name, E-Mail, etc.) Incomplete order applications will not be accepted. The customer may not place an order for someone else but themselves. If FreeSAMP, at any time, reveals that the information given is faulty. The services will Be immediately suspended without any refund. Once the service is ordered and paid, the customer will not be able to undo the purchase. This applies for renewal of services as well. If the product is suspended for longer than 7 days product may be terminated for space for new clients. FreeSAMP reserves themselves the right to choose which contract they wish to, or do not wish to accept.
III. Payment

FreeSAMP offers the following options of payment:
Bit-pay (Bitcoins)
When payment has been registered the account will be activated.
IV. Account

The customer will be the owner of his account and have full control over the server. The client is solely responsible for the actions taken with his account.
V. Usage

Excessive usage of system resources by users will be stopped. In practice this means that With normal usage the server can be used unlimited, however an individual will be warned if it Uses an excessive amount of resources, this may lead to a termination of their account if continued.
The customer may not change the number of max-players (= slots) to a higher number than what is agreed upon.
The customer is not allowed to upload any copyrighted material, to the server, without the permission of the owner.
The customer is not allowed to upload and install any modifications which have a negative effect on the server performance.
The customer is not allowed to upload files which have no connection to the functionality of the rented server.
The customer does not need to update any server software. FreeSAMP takes care of updating the servers when new updates are made available.
You may not use the FreeSAMP services for any abusive activities on the internet.
FreeSAMP reserves an absolute right to determine for itself what is abusive,
Pornographic, offensive, or inappropriate and will terminate the service in the event it deems any use to violate the said policy.
Any use or attempted use, of system to engage in software piracy or other illegal activities will result in an immediate termination of service.
If any use of ethical, sexual or other forms of discrimination is somehow affiliated with the use of the server the account will be terminated.
Credit based servers that have not been paid for a period of 30 days will be removed.
However FreeSAMP reserves the right to remove it directly after the payment has expired as they see fit.
CPU usage have no limit, however your not allow to use 24/7 100% of CPU you should keep fair share usage of your CPU.
VI. Reliability

Access to the server will be available through the HotFox Game Panel. FreeSAMP liability is to make sure that the default server configuration is working.
If the server or a special feature is not available at one location or operating system,
FreeSAMP may fulfill the obligation to offer that feature by moving the server to another location or operating system.
Temporary downtimes due to the maintenance of security may be done at any time without being announced.
FreeSAMP is not liable for inconsistencies in the latency to the server. FreeSAMP is
Not liable for any downtime caused by factors which are not within their control, such as an internet latency or other similar.
If a downtime is caused by some internal error on FreeSAMP extent, customers will be compensated.
System backup is not guaranteed and each client therefore agrees to maintain a backup copy
Of his or her modifications, server configurations or any other important information, and to store the same on his or her own computer.
VII. Support

Support will only be given to the account owner.
Support will only be given on the services that FreeSAMP offers.
Support will not be given on modifications to servers, which FreeSAMP does not provide.
All support questions shall be sent by creating a support ticket.. Support will normally be
Provided within 24 hours of the initial report, there may be an excessive delay during holidays or peak seasons.
VIII. Abuse

In case of abuse FreeSAMP reserves themselves the right to suspend, or even terminate
The services, as they see fit.
Especially servers aiming to damage the reputation of FreeSAMP, its associates or
Affiliated companies may be taken offline or suspended and action against the account holder will be taken.
IX. Virtual Private Servers

Resource Usage Limits
All our VPS clients require to keep CPU Fair Share Usage.
Don't Use I/O intensive applications which affect server operations
We Don't allow illegal Torrents,TOR, P2P, Adult Content, Public Proxy, Public VPN, Mass Mail, Bitcoin mining, DDoS Outgoing, Any Hacking Attempts
We also have right to suspend your VPS if your IP gets blacklisted
Do we allow Gameservers etc Minecraft?
Yes. But make sure to keep CPU fair share usage
X. Verification

Time to time we look into some orders which may look fraud by FreeSAMP Staff. Will need to be Verification by FreeSAMP Staff by Verification Department.
Client Products may be suspended for verification purposes during this time.
Client verification will require documents to verify identity.
Documents FreeSAMP Will Accept: ID Provided by Government, Valid Passport, Utility Bill or Bank Statement from last 6 Month Date Require.
If verification failed FreeSAMP may send a refund minus a fee of payment gateway.
All verification data is safely stored on our server. The document will be removed after some time.
Big Orders above $50 may require verification if order looks fraud.
PayPal Payments may be checked by Verefication code sent by E-mail
We check all orders and review manuly we have right to cancel your order incause of Fraud risk. All orders are chcecked with Maxmind & FraudRecords.
We have right to list any fraud transcraction on FraudRecords, By placing order you agree to accept all agreements mention above.
Any Security Abuse, DDoS, Hack attempt will Cancel All Your Service with us without any Refund and may ban you from FreeSAMP and Free Services.

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