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Wholesale Face Mask
White stereo surgical face mask can effectively prevent virus damage. In the current special circumstances, wearing masks has become our consensus. It is worth noting that when exercising, you should wear and remove masks reasonably to prevent hypoxia.
Technical Parameters
Main MaterialNon-woven, melt blown
Size17.5*9.5cm (or as requested)
ColorBlue, white, green, black (or customized)
ApplicationWidely used in hospital & healthcare, food processing
Should I wear a mask when exercising?
Sports safety has also become a hot topic during the epidemic. Epidemics, masks, aerobic exercise, hypoxia, when these factors are brought together and contradictory, how should we respond?
Regarding the issue of exercise and aerobic, generally speaking, the oxygen demand of a normal adult in the non-exercise state is about 250 ml/min; the oxygen demand during exercise will increase sharply with the increase of exercise intensity, theoretically calculated , If you continue to run at the speed of the 100-meter race, the oxygen demand per minute can reach 40 liters.
Prolonged cerebral hypoxia can cause irreversible damage, and even brain death; at the same time, severe hypoxia and continuous hypoxia can reduce myocardial contractility, slow heart rate, and reduce heart blood output, forming a vicious circle with hypoxia symptoms. Prone to heart failure.
Obviously, while masks prevent viruses and harmful substances from entering the human body, they also largely limit the human body鈥檚 intake of oxygen. The human body鈥檚 oxygen consumption increases during exercise, and it needs to inhale a lot of oxygen. Professional masks such as N95 are not well ventilated. They are connected to the outside air through the valve on the outside of the mask. If oxygen is not inhaled in time, the exhaled carbon dioxide remains in the nasal cavity. Exhausted in time will cause repeated inhalation of carbon dioxide and no oxygen absorption, resulting in severe hypoxia. This behavior will not only cause damage to the human lungs, but also damage the entire body of the human body. In short, the risk of wearing a mask is far greater than without a mask.
In principle, you do not need to wear a mask for outdoor sports, but you should avoid close contact with others. During strenuous exercise, try not to wear a mask. During the period of wearing a mask, it is best to engage in soothing exercises such as walking; currently affected by the epidemic, you can wear a general mask instead of professional N95 masks. At the same time, people need to be between people during running. Keep a relatively safe distance of one meter.Wholesale Face Mask

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