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Why is "coat + jeans" so beautiful
Coat is an essential item in winter, which can keep warm and wear out aura, while jeans are a casual item suitable for all seasons. When matched with coat, it can dissolve the dull and formal feeling of coat and is suitable for winter wear. Bring a relaxed and casual atmosphere.
In the winter street shots of many fashionable elites, we can see a lot of looks in coats and jeans. They look simple, but very fashionable and beautiful. I believe that everyone will fall in love with these "coat + jeans" collocation demonstrations.
Plaid coat + jeans
The plaid elements are classic and retro, from plaid suit jackets to plaid coats are very popular. However, the plaid coats in autumn and winter are usually gray, black, and brown. Although they are more advanced, they are easy to look old-fashioned. To solve this problem, matching jeans is the best choice.
Blue high-waist straight-leg jeans are especially recommended here. This type of trousers is not too tight and can modify the leg shape to make the legs look straighter. With a gray checkered coat, it is visually more coordinated. The overall wear presents a relaxed and fashionable sense.
For a plaid coat with a simple and light color, you can also try matching black jeans. The trousers can be slightly more self-cultivating. If you match short boots, it is recommended to choose cropped trousers. The overall feeling is more chic and neat. A black sweater is also chosen for the jacket, which is the same color as the jeans. It is visually thin and tall. You can also add a jeans jacket between the overcoat and the base sweater to increase the sense of hierarchy while adding a casual taste. The outfits are both fashionable and show personal taste.
Camel coat + jeans
Camel coats are very popular in autumn and winter. They are soft and elegant. They look a little bit of artistic temperament. They are low-key and high-end. They are very suitable for concave shapes in winter.
Camel and blue are very elegant color combinations. In the winter, choose a camel coat and blue jeans. The color is soft and bright, which makes the whole body look light and relaxed. Match it with a pair of retro brown loafers for a more casual atmosphere. Wear it as a whole. It has a sense of casualness and looks more fashionable and stylish.
When black and black are matched together, they can contrast with each other and become more textured. So you can also use black jeans with a camel coat. Choose popular tight-fitting black ripped jeans for better slimming effect. With a mid-length camel coat, the black base shirt and black jeans echo each other to make the outfit more integrated. Adding a white shirt in the middle layer can increase the lightness and refreshing feeling, and look more elegant and temperament.
In addition, the rich dark camel coat and bright blue jeans also go well. This hue will be darker to a camel coat, so when matching blue jeans, the color of the pants is best to choose a brighter blue, so that the color contrast between the coat and the pants is stronger, so that the overall dress will not be dull.
Black coat + jeans
A black coat has a strong sense of formal wear, and it is easy to look serious and rigid if it is not matched properly. Pairing with jeans, a casual item with its own taste, can achieve a perfect balance in style.
Pair a black coat with blue jeans. It is recommended to match a black high-neck bottoming shirt. At the same time, adopt the fashionable "sandwich stacking method", which is to add a shirt between the black bottoming shirt and the coat jacket, aqua blue shirt or white shirt They are all suitable. Lightweight shirts can reduce the overall weight of the outfit, achieve a balance between lightness and weight, and have more layers of beauty.
A black coat is paired with blue high-waisted straight-leg jeans. You can also add earth-toned items to the inside to make the overall outfit more colorful. For example, choose a sweet brown round neck sweater for the inner coat of the coat, add a khaki beret as the echo, and then use the blue denim shirt and jeans to echo the tone and style to create a retro and retro style. Feeling casual.
When matching a black coat with jeans, if you want to wear a sassy feeling, you can choose tight-fitting blue jeans with black boots. At the same time, choose black for the inner sweater and bag to keep the color of the whole body clothing in Between black and blue, the overall color scheme is extremely simple, cool and neat, beautiful and rusty.
If you want to wear a black coat with a relaxed and casual street feel, you can choose a slightly looser sweater as the inner layer. The color of the jeans can be lighter. The most important thing is that the inner sweater should not be completely folded into the waistband, and the hem should fall naturally. It can present a relaxed, free and unrestrained feeling, with a pair of old sneakers and a certain knitted hat. The overall match is a casual street casual style, good-looking and fashionable.Read more at: Formaldressuk prom dresses | long prom dresses

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