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[Accepted] Admin Application. || Mr.Ahmed
1- Your name: Ahmed

2- Country of residence: Egypt

3- English skills (1/10): 8/10

4- Age and gender: 15/male

5- Introduce yourself (totaling 60 words): i am known as Mr.Ahmed, i am 15 years old, i live in Egypt, i have good English, i am active, helpful, kind and friendly person, and i am SA-MP scripter and i can edit in some program Scripts, and i know everything about sa-mp so i can help this new host for answering the people who asking support and i can help anyone who need help with his server or script, so i think this host need me to help them to make the best sa-mp host!
6- Have you been an admin before here and if yes tell us reason you were kicked/left: No.

7- I agree I will respect and obey orders from high ranks: OF course.

8- I agree that I will display the most respect to all members at all times: ye, i am respecting everyone.

9- I hereby certify that the statements and information in this application form are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and I agree that any false, incorrect or dishonest information may lead to a termination of my membership at FreeSamp.NET: sure

10- Do you have anything else to tell us?i will be more active and i am ready to manage,moderate and help everyone.

Feel free to ask me any question!
Note: Give me Reputation if i helped you Big Grin

You are active and so i'll go with a +1 for you. 

|-Application is under voting status-|
Accepted ,
Congratz Mr.Ahmed!

-Topic Closed
FreeSamp.NET Designer!

PM Me If Have Suggestion To Decorate Forum/cPanel!

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